Bringing up Finnbar !

Stage Two of his Education - with the help of the Zande Pack

Zande Baraka

Finnbar was born in July so could enjoy the freedom and adventure of exploring the garden.

Waiting to Pounce

He took great delight in watching the others .....

In the Long Grass

.... and then leaping off the bank and down onto the now-disused tennis court and 'hunting' them

Indoors and out, all the adults took turns to scruff him, to pounce on him in the long grass, to sucker him out for a game and then squash him flat, to chase around with him, to let him 'attack' them. Ziggy in particular, spent hours shaking him, making him 'submit' on his back, letting him up, pouncing again, scruffing him. It was enchanting to watch. And very obviously in her mind it was a necessary lesson that an aunt (great-aunt) could impart to a small boy. When she tired of him, his grandmother Shani would take over and wear him out. Slightly different tactics - but more of the learning process.

Finbar's Lessons

Grandmother Shani demonstrates 'submission' while Mum-Plessy watches

Finbar's Lessons

Finnbar is not quite sure, so sits back typically Basenji-style, and ponders

The whole pack groomed him and they all allowed him to climb all over them and bite their tails and chew their ears Deedles was the least keen on this and told Finnbar so in no uncertain terms.

Finnbar eats Shani

Here he is chewing Shani... Like human grandmothers she often has more patience than his mother !

Finnbar hides behind Plessy

...and here he is hiding behind his mother. Perhaps he went too far ?

Finnbar would advance, get growled at, retreat and lie down, watching, chew a blade of grass or just dance away. They were all very patient with him and there was never any question that they might hurt him. In fact they kept watch whenever he was out and about -

Fond grandparents

"Well, at least we know where he is, so can be sure he isn't up to anything !"

Finnbar races across the lawn

Nobody is entirely sure if he is running away from trouble or towards mayhem

Finnbar Enjoys Shoelaces

No Basenji is adequately trained unless they learn to undo shoe-laces. Finnbar was no exception !

Finnbar DIDn't do it !

He came to apologise to me -"No, Mum - I didn't do anything. Honest I didn't"

He went to live with a 12 year old Basenji and within minutes had ingratiated himself to her and she adored him. The first evening, she lay awake, watching him sleep. I am sure he looked angelic !

Finnbar The Frump

"Butter would never melt in MY mouth !"

We are reasonably assured that, thanks to the combined ministrations of six adult Basenjis, Finnbar left here a well-rounded, well educated little doggie able to take whatever life throws at him.

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