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US Breeding Record
Marvin's Own Page
UK Breeding - Foundation Stock onwards (Illustrated) from 1982 - 1998
UK Breeding up to date (Illustrated) from 1998 - onwards

Don't Do the Breed a Disservice (or - why you need to read the Zande Put-Off)

The Zande Put-Off, with Early Days of a Zande Puppy (Illustrated)


The Zande Rogues Gallery General Group Pictures of the Pack doing its own thing, showing their sleeping quarters and walking a seven-pack
The Judge's Standard
The Exhibitor's Standard
Surviving Life with a Pack (Illustrated)
Sheep Dog Hope (Illustrated)
Educating Finnbar - First Stages ! (Bringing up a single puppy) (Illustrated)
Educating Finnbar - Stage II (Illustrated)
Saying "Goodbye" (Illustrated)
Chezz - or How to Introduce a New Puppy to an Established Adult Pack (Illustrated)
Keepurr's Self Imposed Diet (Illustrated)

A Trilogy on Training & having Fun with Basenjis, partially illustrated and including
Ring-Craft Classes
Exemption Shows & KC Good Citizen's Award (now illustrated)
A Fun Day organised by Basenjis for Basenjis
Caring for the Elderly (Basenjis !) (Illustrated)
We're all Going on a Summer Holiday ! (Illustrated)
Basenji Boys Have a Rutting Season Too
It was all my fault ! (lessons in vigilance) (Illustrated)
A Visit from the Virtual Conga-Line Tour (Illustrated)

NEW Ventures !

Sweaters for Rescue As seen on e-Bay
Any Breed can be fitted (we 'dress more Whippets than anything else !) - See our Models, ORDER and support UK Basenji Rescue !

We have now added a new page - with thumbnails leading to larger pictures of Dogs We Have Dressed !

Illustrated pages of Individual Zandes

Shani's Children
Hope's 1995 Litter
Asali's own page
There are pictures on Shani's page and of Deedles among our UK Breeding Records. Modelling our wax jackets ! Hope & Shani in 'custom mades' by Wendy
Plessy's Perfect People ! The 'C2' Litter
More of the 'C2' Litter from early days to solid food and collars !
The 'D2' Litter Chezz's puplets re-write Shakespeare !

A Miscellany of Zande pages -

Our News Page Things which please us from time to time. Our local woods, an ancient court-house, a Basenji-with-kitten
Sweaters, which I crochet during the long winter evenings, modelled by Basenjis in the snow in Canada !
Amy, the Swimming Basenji, demonstrates a therapy pool for less advantaged canines. You are NOT going to believe this !

UK Show Dates & Results
2018 Championship Show Judges
Dates have been checked on the KC website and more judges will be added as and when they are published.

2017 Winners League Table
2018 Winners League Table
2017 Reserve Ticket Winners
2018 Reserve Ticket Winners
We list RCC winners on their own page in alphabetical order. Basenjis who also get tickets will appear on the League Table and I use the RCCs as a tie-breaker.

2017 Championship Show Results
(1st - 5th in each Class with Sires, Dams, Colours and Owners)
2017 Club Open Show Results
(1st - 5th in each Class with Sires, Dams, Colours and Owners)
2018 Championship Show Results
(1st - 5th in each Class with Sires, Dams, Colours and Owners)
2018 Club Open Show Results
(1st - 5th in each Class with Sires, Dams, Colours and Owners)

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Discover Dogs site leading into The Kennel Club

A few Basenji Standards !

British Standard of 1942
British Standard of 1954
British Standard of 1965
British Standard of 1986
British Standard of 1999 Effective date - September 1999
American Standard of 1943
American Standard of 1954
American Standard of 1956 (Proposed but never adopted)
American Standard of 1990
Current Canadian Standard

Useful Health Sites

Dr Steve Gonto's Fanconi Protocol as revised in 2015 - and additional updates of 12th September, 2016 We have always been delighted that Dr Gonto gave us his blessing for the inclusion of his famous Fanconi Disease Management Protocol for Veterinarians, and are, therefore, absolutely thrilled that his work has been honoured as an educational source of veterinary medicine. Very well done Steve ! This prestigious 'StudyWeb Excellence Award' is attached where is belongs - alongside the Protocol itself.
OFA eye-test site accessible by Breed
Veterinary Ophthalmology Information including PRA - with explanations and data.
PENNhip Site. Method of testing hips for Displasia
Canine Chiropracter Sites
General Veterinary Site which includes Basenji problems
HealthGene HealthGene Corporation is a Canadian-based company which provides DNA Tests for Loss of Pregnancy in Dogs
The Crud Health Alert - Bacteria Concern
Health Concerns of the Basenji Dog Linda Daves Siekert
Basenji Health Testing by Sandy Kernen, CVT.. . A sorta a "how to" for everyone

Very Useful and Interesting Sites

The Basenji University Including Stud Dog, Brood Bitch and Performance Honor Rolls
Basenji Data Basenji Pedigrees on-line
Justice for Dogs Membership of this Charity should be a 'must' for all UK dog owners. The motto is 'We are here if you need us' and that is true in so many ways, including canine legal matters, advice and practical assistance. Visit the site and then join - £6.00 a year
The Little Dog Laughed
Wonderful Store for Buying all Kinds of Basenji Goodies
Basenji Related Books
The Basenji Bibliography was updated on 18th August, 2012, with details of a collection of Marcia Woodard's AKC Gazette writings
Details of how to contribute to the Bibliography are given at the bottom of the page and you WILL be credited !
B-List Member Sue Swapp displays her skills
The Basenji Gallery
This wonderful collection of Basenji photographs from all over the world is maintained by Nadine Snyder
The Virtual Dog Show Entries for the Spring 2001 Show now opened
Many Basenji exhibits for each new Show
Basenji Crossroads
- a site of stories and lore maintained and developed by Sally Ann Smith
Wonderful Basenji throws, coverlets, bags, and garments made by 'Gone Doggin'
The Basenji (Breed Magazine, published in America by Maria Cotter)
Windigo's Web World Home of "August Magic," "The Secondhand Basenji Handbook," and YodelWear
Available American Adult Basenjis Beth Straub has started an imaginative page, photos and music included, to help place adult Basenjis in USA.
BRAT (USA Rescue & Rehoming organisation's site)
Everything Doggy described by its authors as "amusing, entertaining and informative, something quite different !"
Vetulike A web site that provides easy-to-access information on a wide variety of common pet healthcare issues
An A-Z of Dog Breeds with photos and descriptions. Maintained by Samantha Flack
Mafaili Ya Basenji Largest Basenji Reference Library on the Web, maintained by Don Parkes.

UK Club & other useful sites (and just plain fun !)

Basenji Owners & Breeders Association BOBA
Basenji Club of Great Britain
Northern Basenji Society
Find your nearest UK vet
Dog World Records

Individual UK Sites

Tenfield Home of Kim Ellis, her Basenjis & Golden Retrievers
Kalrinda John and Janet Bannister
Mandy Mayo with Phoebe & Mournful !
Merkuri Basenjis Burt & Ted
Zordia Basenjis Val Alan
The Hounds of Shernazar Lisa Tyler
Hound Club of East Anglia
Embeau Basenjis Rusty Grayson & Shaun Tiffany
Bushwackers Christine Frost
Dencas Tracey & Dave Holmes
Benkura Vicki Miller
Silverbriar Jessica Baker
Akmar Paula Steele
Elsco Scott Wright & John Wilkinson

Basenjis in Greece
Peter Papadopoulos is now the proud owner of 'Ilani' - daughter of Trouble & Isimo.
Basenjis in Bohemia & Eastern Europe
Basenji Club of Bohemia - English version
Lucie Kopecka Lucie has put her page into English now
Pedigrees of Basenjis born in or imported to the Czech Republic
Helena Sukova
Kennel Ypsylon Izabela Wiszniewska
Kennel Bena Makima Hana Hofmanova
Kennel Hanacek Miluse Juricova
Jana Sikulova
Kennel Lady Celestin Jarka Vankova
Kennel Asiaczek
Kennel Straznik Lazu
Asabi Baerbel Gabriel
Kennel Ekibondo Miroslava Miklisova
Kennel African Destiny Ljerka Lackovic
Kennel Antelope Lollipop Kitty Kolsovszky
Slovenia Basenjis Brane & Lili Svecak
Congo's Heartbeat Barbara Merey
Anansi Basenjis Tisa Novak
Kennel Ballada o Wedrowaniu Monika Wilcox
Kennel Sarrukinu Igor Jovanov

Basenjis in Continental Europe

Alex Tattoo (with Sabine and Asali)
Edoardo Bernasconi shows all kinds of interesting links, pedigrees and pictures
Ulla & Juergen Clemens-Pesch - Brassica Basenjis & Steiff Toys
The German Basenji Club
Noel Baaser, Fari-I & I-Jah (new address - direct to Noel's site)
Luisa & Francesco Mati Italy
Peter Render Holland
African Mysterys Hanneke Bijker
Antonio V. Choya
Basenji Club of The Netherlands
Barbara Gabriel
Basenjis From the Headwaters Janet & Jenno Brookman
Abuluka Basenjis Erik Arend
Rainbow Basenjis Hans-Jürgen & Annegret Koch
Basterberri Kennels Martin & Josu Baskaran
Petra Vogel Old Legend's Basenjis
Ulrike Brammer Lots of things worth knowing about Basenjis
and now including a History of the earliest Basenjis in Germany !
Enrico Nicolosi with links to other Italian websites
Anubis Basenjis David Tiberini
Kokojambo Basenjis RoseMarie & Anja Strietzel
Toka Kilima Marco en Diana van den heuvel
Basenjis in Japan
Sanae Sawada Sanae has translated the Zande Put-off into Japanese !

Basenjis in Australia

Australian Canine Current Events
Mzalia Kennels Karen & David Hyland
Pukkanut Basenjis Alan Hunt
Basenji Club of New South Wales
Akale Basenjis Mark Haseldine - New site address
Hazhart Basenjis Rosemary & Joanne Stewart
Kipenzi Peter and Sandra Wood - also Basenji Boarding Kennels
Kanibaru Davina Hopkins
Basenji Club of Victoria Webmaster Helen Veless
Afrikenji Kennels Helen's own site
Zandeena Kennels Milissa & Peter Voglsam
Baagna Kennels John Forbes
Tamsala Kennels Jan Roberts
Basenjis in New Zealand
Senjabi Basenjis Christine Small
Arkadia Basenjis Julie Goodwin

Basenjis in Scandinavia, Iceland, Lithuania & Russia

Triad Kennels
The Finnish Basenji Club's homepage
Kennel Foxfire
Kennel Fallohide Pia Wright
Kenjaali Basenjis Naranja Persson
Leila Karkas, Kennel Mandeville
Tiina Taavitsainen Kennel Bulldobas
also Aatu's own page !
The Danish Spitz Club
Elisabeth & Mathias Wennerbo
Kennel Faraoland Helena Strombert
Swedish Basenji Club Home Page (in English)
Swedish Basenji Pedigrees
Åbrinkens Basenji Inga-Karin & Ronny Sundquist
Kennel Giltedged
Kennel Sternhimmels Anneli Pukkila
Sharaba Kennels Hannele Laakso
Yulara Basenjis Mia Lowbeer
Basenjis in Iceland Kennel Fornusanda. The English version will be ready in a short while
Stine Ringvig
Lene Rathje
Kennel Faraoland Helena & Gunnar Strombert
Kennel av Amataganzig Anne & Kjetil Woldmo - Norwegian Basenji site continuing Anne's wonderful Pedigree book
Kennel from PB's Peter Bihlet
Kennel Strong Stael - Russia
Wazin Kennels Christina Krol
Temper Kennels Jack & Roger Brander
Kingwanas Basenjis Liv Irene Nyfløt
Dream Of Africa Kennels Natalia Yasonova
Angel Congo Basenjis Julia Zhuravleva
Kennel Zahleka Linda Carlson
Lis Glamur Basenjis Irina Ososkova
Orange Pips Basenjis Henna Kettunen
Kennel Afrikata Airida Bereisiene
Jester & Esther & the Wild Ones
Rosone's Basenjis Pirjo Rossi-Salmi
Kennel Kimwitus Annemari Nielsen
Kennel Dream of Congo Oleg Kunich

Basenjis in Canada

Basenji Club of Canada
Mankia Kennels
Adi's Site
Premier Kennels
Klassic Kennels
Dogs in Canada
Stephanie, Skippe & Chili
Beaubri Basenjis Simone Mullin
Bushwacker Basenjis Christine Frost
Basenjis in America - Clubs
The Years of the American Basenji
AKC (Basenji Related)
Basenji Companions - THE Club for Pet Owners
Indian Nations Basenji Club of Oklahoma
Wisconsin Basenji Club
Rip Van Wrinkle Basenji Club
Etowah Basenji Club
Willamette Valley Basenji Club
Dallas-FortWorth Basenji Club Contact Fran Medley
Greater Chicagoland Basenji Club

Many additions to Basenjis in America - Breeders

There is nothing significant about the order in which these sites are listed ! They were added as and when the owners asked me to build the link.
Tennoaks Basenjis Karen Pate
Stilwell Basenjis Linda & Richard Stilwell
Jumoke & Baru George Woodard
Anya Basenjis Sam Anderson (also involved with rescues)
Sherwood Basenjis Robyn Dubbert
Sonbar Basenjis! Sally Wuornos
Mija Basenjis Betty Eytchison
Keltwyn - Beth Straub
Kenset Mary Lou Kenworthy
Jasiri-Sukari Julie & Kathy Jones
Tanza Basenjis Pat Fragassi
Echelon Basenjis Heather Ervin
'Tis-A-'Senji Basenjis Joyce & Fred Hughes
Candu Jane Williams
Dragnquest Basenjis Terry & Jackie Jones
Wakan Basenjis Toni Ackerman
New World Basenjis Karla Schreiber
Saorsa Basenjis Andrea Stone
Adventureland Basenjis Wanda Pooley
Dharian Basenjis Anne Humphreys
Heartfire Basenjis Sylvia Lofrano
Chey Miller Leading to Ruby and Pups
Zorro & Trouble - Rick Christensen
Rick Christensen's Sublime Art Page
Stephanie Cheng
Ankhu Basenjis Carrie Jones
Briden Basenjis Denise Vertrees
Dan & Ann Hacker
Dark Skies Basenjis Gloria Steiger
Ahmahr Nahr Jennie Behles
Jamadari Basenjis Valerie Knight
Lacada Basenjis Larry, Carol & Dallas Hunt
Tajiri Dawn and Gary Houser
Linda Daves Siekert
HiCotn CarolAnn Worsham
Meisterhaus Tad Brooks
Berimo Pat Marshall
Abutu Basenjis Charles Mullins
SunDiata Chris Maxka

Many additions to Basenjis in America - Loving Homes

True's Page
Rocky's page chez Narehood
Andie Paysinger & Teafer
Nick Russell - just check out those wonderful collars !
Angel Smith
Rugosa Basenjis Vickie Perrine
Debra Brown-Thompson and canine family
Joan Gormley with Shani, Kali, Zhaan & little Pippin
Lost Ten George and Cherry Lawson
Kele Basenjis Katherine Scott
Basenjis in South America
Arhuacos Basenjis Franklin Zaydman & Alvaro Gonzalez.
English version
Andre de Cieneguilla Aldo Bettocchi Ibarra (Peru)
Savio Steele (Brazil)
Paco & Olga Mexico
Barsanti Kennel Paulo & Andreia Ribeiro
Buscafe Kennel Jean & Regina Gouhie

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