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Plessy, Rufus and the first day of the 'C2' Litter

We are going through the Alphabet for the second time !

Rufus says : "they are bringing a lady to see me this afternoon, I hope I will know what do to !"
(Nay worries - he did ..... !)

Rufus, aka Ch Jeshanna The Joker, and you can click for his pedigree

.... and in only a few days Plessy was looking smug. She stayed in a Bed & Breakfast with Chezz. Plessy is the sleeping one.

Rufus hoped she come again and kept going to the door to look for her. Once again he found her very attractive and she thought he was pretty special ! In fact she yodelled, crowed and tried to somersault - couldn't wait to get home and tell the other bitches how much fun she had had.

Plessy enjoyed bones in the wildflower meadow while she waited, patiently....

"It really won't be long now, poor uncomfortable little Mum. And you will love those puppies so much !"

And indeed it wasn't - the very next day she whelped five puppies, 4 boys and a girl and we will be adding photos of them as they grow up.

Rufus is worried - "Am I really responsible for all these ?" he asks

"Hey fellahs, Mum has gone out, ever so briefly, for a drink but we are quiet and well fed so perhaps no mayhem quite yet ?"

There will be a great many more photos as we get bigger and become more 'interesting'. Being born mid summer, we can look forward to romping in the garden, chasing leaves and, in common with other Zande litters before us, chewing Mummy's herb-garden to ribbons !
In fact - you can see more of us right now, by clicking here and finding out how we came to solid foods and collars !

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