The Zande family who hunts together, sleeps together -

This is a typical scene in our kitchen. Seven of the eight are featured. Tuppy, Deedles, Ziggy, Hope, Shani, Curly and Plessy. Sometimes they look even more relaxed -

And in order to tire us out before they will sleep, they take us for walks...

Curly invariably prefers that the lead pass behind me... From time to time, I step back out of it - thereby helping Hope to plait the leads

Plaited Leads

When we have this sorted out, we can move off and stroll happily along the lane on the way to the stream and the woods -

Walking along

Coming home with a meal in view is even more appealing and the Basenjis stream out across the highway - Hope has her nose in front of the pack and Deedles is shaded beside her. Shani is the only tri. Centre of the picture is Ziggy and Donner strides out along the verge. Curly has an eye on the photographer and Plessy is about to charge him.

Walking along

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