Eng Ch Zande Shani enjoys the company of her son and daughter -

Shani is by Eng/Irish Champion Domewood Donner, out of Bokoto Nile Arabis of Drakesleat (AKA Tuppy). Two of her offspring live here with us, sired respectively by Mbarapi Zande (Deedles) and Eng Ch Embeau Alpha - Zande Weledi (Curly) and Zande Zamani (Plessy). Plessy's name means 'long ago in far-off times' and seems very appropriate to one of such an ancient breed.

Shani at rest

When Curly was still a youngster, we visited his elder sister 'Fijo. 'Fijo's garden is long with a low box hedge across the middle. Her owner is wont to make her speed up around in a circle, chasing a 'bait' on the end of an 8 ft bamboo pole. At the appropriate moment, a flick of the pole and 'Fijo jumps neatly over the hedge. I had to photograph this, albeit with an inadequate camera. Would 'Fijo oblige ? No, of course not - she is a Basenji ! I was kneeling behind the hedge, giggling somewhat frustratedly when a small figure, hunched up like a race-horse cleared the hedge with ease. Luckily I reacted quickly enough to catch Curly's first (and only) leap !

Curly jumping the hedge

Was he just as frustrated at his sister's reluctance to perform or was he simply anxious to show he could do at least as well ?

Deedles & Curly

Now Curly is older and more staid (at times !) he likes to occupy the picnic table, keeping guard over the little ones playing on the lawn, while his father Deedles (now an old man of thirteen and a half years) relaxes out of their reach.

Plessy likes to sucker Curly out to play - or to get a bone away from him -

Come play with me Tails down

that is, when she is not laying in the sun with her mother, watching babies tear the cotton lavender to shreds

Shani & Plessy Puppies


or resting after a game with her ball as a pillow. Her mother seems to be using her for the same purpose. Plessy's own son, Finnbar, has his own page.

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