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continue to share photos and news items which give us pleasure. Here are a couple - more throughout the season -

Bluebell Woods

Despite the snow and cold which necessitates sweaters for one family of Basenjis in Canada, our own woods are starting to look spring-like and lush. The rabbits don't have a chance !

These limited edition Steiff-Basenjis are a 'must for every fancier. Each toy is numbered and is NOT something to be given to the live Basenjis ! They should be treasured as the collectors items they will become. Many will be snapped up at once by people all over the world who never let a special edition Steiff escape them, but there will still be enough for discerning Basenji-philes

1st in Profile

Payment by Credit Card is accepted by Jurgen & Ulla Clemens-Pesch of Im Rapsfeld 16, D-50933 Cologne 41, Germany. Tel: 0221/493665 Don't forget to add the Expiry Date and shipment address when ordering.
You can contact Ulla directly at :

Basenji Head

This magnificent Basenji head was made by Wilma Bauer -

No bark, but a vast collection of bytes

was the way Kathryn Bailey, Editor of Interface - a supplement of The Times - headed the piece she wrote in her paper following a visit here in May 1996.

Kathryn had heard about the data-base I have built up since 1989 on Basenjis and didn't seem to grasp the concept entirely. She couldn't quite understand the need to keep full details of long-dead Basenjis, nor yet who would be interested in tracing their ancestry back to the beginning of the Breed in the civilised world.

I am happy to say they are and that data and information continues to come in from all over the world. Some countries are more difficult to extract information from than others but new contacts, publications and wider publicity is helping keep the database, if not complete or totally up to date, at least growing.

Of late, more people are providing details of health, dates and reasons for deaths and these continue to be coded as to reliability of source and required degree of confidentiality.

Perhaps this will be useful to generations of breeders as yet unborn - who knows ?

But in the meantime, pedigrees can often be traced - email Sally Wallis -


Kathryn sent a photographer - she was looking for an illustration which didn't involve the subject seated at a computer keyboard, gazing short-sightedly at the screen - and in this she was entirely successful.

Needless to say, it was raining....

and - because I am still enchanted with it but regretably it is to be moth-balled, I will leave a couple of views of my recent temporary work-place -

Bexhill Magistrates Court

This is a view of the bench. The courthouse is classic, dignified and elegant with the woodwork polished to a manificent shine.

Bexhill Magistrates Court
This is the view from the bench. There is a raised section in the centre for the Chairman and the bench is constructed on a curve. There are brass inkwells with sliding lids and china inkpots. The leather writing pads are scrolled. Notice the Witness Box - only the top of an seated occupant's head is visible.

We should like to introduce you to Tilly (Kindu Sunset at Likati). Tilly lives with a large hare and they get along fine. Her family was recently increased by the addition of Sioux (Cicada Redfoot Sioux). This happy pair live with Lesley & Chris, in England. Lesley Hayes took the photograph.

Tilly with Sioux

Sioux spotted the nipple and felt herself completely at home with the Basenji within two days. Tilly wasn't too sure about being a milk-bar although she was quite happy to become a secure bed for the kitten.

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