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UK Breeding - The Story Continues

Many of our progeny are pictured here but you can find more photos, with stories and pedigrees, on pages of individual dogs. Some litters I don't appear to have scanned pictures from. Work for the winter !

At this point we decided to buy a daughter of Curly's - Chezz. The story of her very successful integration with our existing pack of adults can be found by clicking on her name and from that page you can reach her pedigree and another recent photo


Jethard Cichezande - 23 12 1998 - 07 08 2009
Zande Weledi / Ch Jethard Unholy Alliance With Chaanrose
2 CC, 1 RCC

Brother Cid (Ch Jethard Cidevant) has done their sire, Curly, proud -
Many CCs, BOBs and Group successes, all of which pale into insignifcance beside his 2001 Best in Show at Crufts. It can't GET any better !

C =

Ch Jeshanna The Joker / Zande Zamani 08 06 2000
(notice we are going through again)

Having a summer litter was bliss ! Here are Firbi & Gainsborough (later known as 'Zan') in the garden with Chezz and Plessy -

Garden Games

Chezz adored having the Terrible Twins to play with and has been a great help to Plessy in educating them in 'coping with humans' skills.
Plessy was entirely content simply to look on !
You can reach separate pages of their birth & early days, along with pictures of their parents, by clicking C Litter

Firbi looking regal

Zande Chafya (Firbi) - 1 CC 4 RCCs
Proven sire

He has been a wonderful 'Uncle' to the 'F' litter & an even better Dad to the 'G' litter - but don't you adore that wrinkle ?

Am Ch, Int Ch (UKC) Zande Charaza SC FCh

Am Ch, Int Ch (UKC) Zande Charaza SC FCh (Zan) - exported to USA
Proven Sire with Champion offspring & pointed courser offspring
OFA-d 'good'

You can visit him at his very own web-page
Zan's Own Page

Int/German/Swiss/Austrian Ch Zande Cheka (Jammin') - exported to Germany. She has her own site at Mutabaruga Basenjis


Luxembourg Junior Champion, Bavaria Winner, 10 CACIBs (5 with BOB).
Group placings - Group 4 (France), Group 3 - (Belgium).
3 CACs, 1 R-CAC (Switzerland), 1 R-CAC (Holland), 2 CAC (Belgium), 5 CACs (Germany), 4 CACs (Austria), 1 CAC (France), 6 R-CACIB (3 usable)

Zande Chachawa (Max) and Zande Chichiri (Remy) are happily settled in this country

D =

Zande Dalji (tri) (Trouble) - Ch Zande Almasi / Jethard Cichezande 22 12 2000

Trouble pictured here as a puppy

Trouble Trouble & Chezz


Zande Dadisi (Skoty) - exported to the Czech Republic

CAJC * 4 = Czech Junior Champion (he only needed three) !
8 RCAC - (inc 2 from Basenji Klub Bohemia)
Proven Sire - BOB winning offspring


Zande Damisi (tri) (Zulu)


Zande Dalasini (Congo Xhosi) - exported to Belgium
Proven sire of Champions - 4 successful litters

E =

Zande Elimu (Elmo) - Zande Chafya / Jethard Cichezande 26 01 2002

I've been DIGGING !

Elmo's pictures went all around the world as he grew up - Now you can enjoy this picture of a dirty little darling

F =

Zande Weledi JW / Zande Dalji (tri) 03 07 2003
Another blissful summer litter - comprising -

Dandy looking Fabulous

Zande Feruzi (tri) (Dandy) - exported to USA
Pointed !
He is a very proud boy - and although lightly shown, has points to prove it !


Zande Fedha (Bambi) - exported to Norway

where she loves to run !
In 2005 she had a litter of her own

Fiji playing ball

Zande Felije (Fiji)

- has gone to comfort Curly's brother Moet (Zande Waziri), alone since the death of his best pal Caspar (Zande Parapanda)
Fiji had a lovely litter late in 2005

Jengo with toys

Zande Fahali (Jengo)

- these two will also be companions for each other, Jengo lives right next door to Fiji

Sleeping Beauties

Living high in the chalk hills of rural Hampshire, surrounded by woodlands and walks, these two can look forward to an ideal existence !

G =

Zande Chafya / Zande Dalji (tri) 27 12 2004

Zande Gaidi

Zande Gaidi (Rory)
Rory runs free, chasing bunnies, in a woodland plantation. His lovely owner brought him to a show for me to handle - and he received great acclaim for his temperament !

Zande Ghaibu

Zande Ghaibu (Gilda)
Gilda lives in Finland with Hessu and the Havanese and we have pictures of her under a sign announcing the Arctic Circle !

Zande Gao

Zande Gao (Ceilidh)
Ceilidh lives in London, travels by tube and enjoys walks in Regents Park

Zande Ghuri

Zande Ghuri (Simbah)
Simbah lives in France with his friend, Timothé, a beautiful puss-cat. Together they run a boat hire company. They come back on visits

H =

Ch Jeshanna The Joker / Zande Dalji (tri) 12 02 2006

Zande Halua

Zande Halua (Keepurr) 1 RCC
Stayed at home with us and leads the life of Riley. I will do him his own page as soon as I get a moment ! Here he is at 7 months old, stacked by Geraldine

Zande Habibi

Zande Habibi (Hibi)
Hibi has gone to live with Tommy and BJ. Tommy is a Whippet and BJ a Basenji - you can see how they bonded !

Zande Hedaya

Zande Hedaya (Zuri)
Zuri lives in the West Country with small children who adore him.

I =

Gib/Lux/Int/DtVDH & Dt Klub/Spa/Ned/Fra/Belg/Eng Ch Isimo ti-n Abou Teka / Zande Dalji (tri) 12 07 2008

Zande Itibari

Zande Itibari (Hoover)
Stayed at home with us and runs us all ragged, especially Big Brother Keepurr (Zande Halua). She is 7 months old and enjoying fun in the snow. We don't need to explain her name !

Zande Ihsani

Zande Ihsani (Zani)
Zani has gone to live in the home of her grandsire, Ch Zande Almasi

Zande Ibilisi

Zande Ibilisi (Quelea)
She has joined her half-brother Zuri (Zande Hedaya) in the West Country - they get along fine !

Zande Ilani

Zande Ilani (Ilani)
Took a long flight out to Athens where she lives very happily in the home of her great Uncle

Whilst we are always happy to see our Basenjis in the show ring, to get them there is never one of our priorities. The contented pets, whose owners come back for a second (and as of this litter, even a third !) Zande because they were well satisfied with their first, are just as good Ambassadors for our Affix.

We are also delighted with the reputation we have beyond these shores as witnessed by the increasing number of Zandes leaving them.

You can see details and photos of our Foundation Stock and earlier Zande Basenjis, here and overseas, by clicking The Beginnings

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