Zande Basenjis

are proud to have their home-made sweaters modelled by Carita, Teddy & Shadow.
These sweaters are available from UK Breed Rescue at Club Shows or direct from Sally Wallis.
All proceeds go to the Basenji Rescue Fund

What ARE these new garments?

At first they were unsure in their new clothes but when they realised the benefits - they soon settled down.


Carita hated to have hers taken off - She slept in it if she was allowed to !

Teddy & Carita

Teddy's wasn't made for him but he has a bigger one now ! The Basenjis are being watched over by Blackie - a very old lady


Shadow strides confidentally out across the frozen wastes

VERY smart young men !

Shadow is facinated by the camera - Teddy goes off to patrol the borders

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Zande Basenjis
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