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Asleep in the Sun

Enjoying the sunshine.

Our Basenjis enjoy taking the air, even though one of their chosen spots is a discarded piece of greenhouse staging.

The Basenji is a lightly built, short-backed dog which gives the appearance of being high on the leg compared to its length. It has been described as a "small, deer-like animal". It does not bark, but is not mute. It has a variety of sounds, among them growls, chortles, yodels and crows - given in varying volume and stages depending upon its mood. It is extremely alert and able to let its owner know at once if anyone approaches the house.
If you are looking for fawning affection then read no further, a Basenji is not for you. They will love you, but on their terms not yours, with an aloofness which has its own peculiar charm. They are lap-dogs, provided that very early socialising has taken place, who can out-run a surprising number of other breeds including all but racing-trained Whippets, and can climb chain link fencing quite easily if they so wish. For sheer variety, Basenjis are wonderful ! **

** (Extract from the "Zande Put-off" by Sally Wallis)

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These pages were updated on 15th April - with Hound Association of Scotland 2018 full placings, including parents, owners and colours.

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